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Below are pictures of completed projects & projects currently in progress.

 Jenkins Correctional Center - Millen, Georgia
This project consisted of 5 buildings totalling 200,000 square feet. Total construction cost $57 Million. Completed in the Spring of 2012.

Fort Benning AFRC, Dining Facility and East Wing Renovation
150,000 square feet AFRC, which features a 121,580 square foot training center and a 12,580 square foot organizational maintenance shop. Total cost $20,500,000

Winn Army Hospital Renovation
Ft. Stewart Winn Army Hospital Total Cost of project $23 Million Leeds Silver 65,000 square foot addition

The Cay Building - Savannah, Ga
75,000 square feet, 6 story office building in the heart of Savannah. Home to the U.S. Attorneys Office

Hunter Army Barracks - Savannah, Georgia
This residential project required the design and construction of three new dormitory buildings: two, three-story buildings, each capable of accommodating 72 residents, and one, three-story building capable of accommodating 48 residents. Each two bedroom unit contains one bathroom, a full kitchen, dining space, and walk-in closets. Support spaces include laundry room, public restrooms, and recreation areas.