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"The testing and balancing of a system is necessary to insure proper and efficient operation of that system as it was designed. In any building where effluent and hot air is removed, that mass of air must be replaced to maintain a constant pressure in the space. Any change in the pressure differential between inside and outside air will in some way affect the operation of a system, most commonly that affect is a negative one."

First Coast Test & Balance provides the following services worldwide:

• Stairwell Pressurization

Commercial Kitchen Hoods

DALT - Duct Air Leakage Testing

• Sound & Vibration Testing

Commissioning Support

Air Exchange Readings

Building HVAC Evaluation

HVAC Hydronic Balance

Design Review

Fume Hood Testing & Adjustment

Controls System Verification & Calibration

Smoke Detector Testing

Building Pressurization

Duct Smoke Testing

Building Fresh Air Adjustment & Building Temperature Verification

Building Humidity Seasonal Adjustment